What is Musingo Bingo?

Musingo Bingo is an online music bingo game, that allows you to host the ultimate online party, corporate event or club night by turning your playlists into a bingo party. When players hear a song on their digital Musingo Bingo card, tap it until “Musingo!” you’ve won. So, whether it’s 90s Brit Pop, Prince’s greatest hits, grime or Disney theme tunes, it’s all about playing your sounds, your way, bringing everyone together under a virtual roof and most importantly having fun. 

How do I host Musingo Bingo?

Before you host a party, make sure you have the following

  • Access to Youtube or a Spotify Premium account ✔
  • A laptop or desktop ✔
  • A Zoom account ✔

Then head to the HOW TO page and watch our handy videos HERE 

Do all the players need to have Spotify?

NO, the only person who needs a Spotify Premium account is the host on their laptop or desktop, all the players need is an invite, a phone and access to the virtual party room.

Can I host Musingo Bingo from my phone?

Only, if you are playing the game together in person, otherwise the game can only be hosted from a desktop or laptop to share your sound.

Do I need to host my party on Zoom?

You can host your Musingo Bingo game on any virtual meeting platform that allows you to share your sound. However, Zoom holds an edge over other providers in allowing you to share your sound only, which makes the party experience much more interactive.

People also play the game in person, as a party starter or an alternative to a board game, just pack a bluetooth speaker for added fun.

Can I customise my Musingo Party experience? 

100% yes, your Musingo Bingo experience is all about you. You can personalise your invitation, bingo game theme and header, as well as your bingo card tiles with anything from your company logo to pictures of you. 

How do I add friends to my Musingo Bingo party?

Tap the Invite Friends button and copy the link to send to your friends. Once your games have been created, every device that opens the link will be allocated a bingo card. 

How long does a Musingo Bingo round last?

That really does depend on how many people are playing, how many songs you have on your playlist and how long you play each song for. An average bingo round is 20-30 minutes give or take banter, rewinds and dance moves.

Yikes, I want to add more songs to my playlist after I’ve set up my game?

No problem, just deselect the game and re-ad it to update the system. If you’ve already sent out your bingo cards, make sure you send the new URL code to update the player’s game too.

HELP! My Musingo has stopped playing!!

Don’t worry, Spotify will automatically disconnect after an hours play. So you just need to reconnect your device as Musingo and continue. If it’s still not working, simply refresh your Musingobingo.com page.

I haven’t used all of my Musingo Bingo rounds, can they be played another day?

YES, if you play more then 6 songs in a round, it is considered played and will automatically delete after 24 hours. If you don’t, the rounds are yours to play at a later date.

Can Musingo Bingo host my event?

Yes, absolutely, we can create playlists to your brief, organise a DJ and even host your virtual party too. Just drop us a line with your requirements.

How can I make sure my Musingo Bingo party is fun?

We have a few tips you could try. 1. Set a dress code e.g. fancy dress, colour or accessories 2. Encourage your guests to decorate their space with a fun backdrop, disco lights or streamers 3. Turn off the lights 4. Utilise bluetooth speakers or headphones to enjoy the party full volume 5. As a host you should talk between a few songs or so, build up competition between players and encourage people to use the chat function.

I want to say “hi” or collaborate, how can I get in touch?

Well hello, we’d love to hear from you, drop us an email at hello@musingobingo.com or you can connect with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.